Allustan's Free City Colleague


When Allustan ran out of ideas about the cult of the Ebon Triad and the rising spawn of Kyuss, he directed the party to the Free City to seek out Eligos, a former associate.

They met him in his home and brought him up to speed on the situation. He agreed to look into everything they’d shared with him, promising answers within a week.

* * *

Eligos provided a little more insight into the Ebon Triad and the cult of Kyuss. One of the texts of these cults, the Apostolic Scrolls, were mentioned in a bill of sale the adventurers had found in the mind flayer Zyrxog’s lair. The wizard was disturbed to hear that a man as powerful as Loris Raknian had acquired the scrolls and suggested that the party investigate further. He then provided one possible means of infiltrating the Arena – he introduced them to his associate Celeste, who hooked them up with aspiring gladiator manager Ekaym Smallcask.


Worms: Apocalypse zero