Deranged Necromancer


This sallow-skinned necromancer speaks in the hoarse, hacking voice of an addict.

The adventurers encountered Filge on the top floor of the Old Observatory. Mom nearly killed the wizard in a fit of rage, but was able to stabilize him before he could bleed out. After he was revived, the party interrogated him about Balabar Smenk, who owned the deed to the building. They left him tied up where he had fallen.

* * *

Filge managed to escape his bonds and report back to Smenk about what had occurred. The mine manager quickly got the necromancer out of town, and effectively cut him off, leaving him penniless in the Free City. The adventurers learned this when they found him begging in the streets. Xan in particular took great pleasure in rubbing the villain’s face in his poverty.


Worms: Apocalypse zero