Campaign Timeline

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This is a rough timeline until I devote more time to it. The Greyhawk calendar is laid out here.

Recent History

571 CYCharles “Mom” Fisher, Jr. born
573 CYConstance Grace and Cornelius Drake born. A Red Death outbreak sweeps through Diamond Lake.
574 CYAlexander Quinn born
576 CYSam Claiborne born
577 CYLiberty Grace born
583 CY – [Genneva Drake] dies
585 CYBalabar Smenk arrives in Diamond Lake
586 CY – [Liza Quinn] born
587 CY – [Cyril Drake] burns to death
589 CYDeepspike Mine cave-in kills miners, including [Tamlin Grace] and [Mazuro Fisher]
590 CYAllustan returns to Diamond Lake
592 CY – Xan’s family disappears

Present Day

595 CY

Campaign Timeline

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