Chapter 4 Creatures

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Session 20: Getting to Greyhawk
displacer beasts, Murnk and Nathk (trolls)

Session 21: Laws and Libations
Argen and Sald (human rogues), chimera, Eligos

Session 22: The Crooked House
Tarquin Shortstone XXIV

Session 23: The Sodden Hold, Part 1
”Fargus” (doppelganger), mimics

Session 24: The Sodden Hold, Part 2
Ilya Starmane, ”Martal” and ”Regim” (doppelgangers), Nameless Prisoner, invisible stalkers

Session 25: The Sodden Hold, Part 3
giant octopus, Ixiaxian [aka “Xan”] (doppelganger rogue), ”Drake”, ”Liberty”, and ”Mom” (doppelgangers), Nameless Prisoner Charles Quinn

Session 26: Denouement
Clara and Liza Quinn, ”Charles Quinn” (doppelganger)

Session 27: Worst Face Forward
doppelganger guards, Telakin (greater doppelganger)

Session 28: When the Pawn
drow thralls, shriekers

Session 29: Zyrxog’s Domain
drow thralls, drow priestess

Session 30: Tentacles
octopins, Zyrxog (mind flayer)

Session 31: Mastermind
octopins, Zyrxog, Eligos

Chapter 4 Creatures

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