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Character Generation

Players should follow the guidelines for Generating a Character in Chapter 1 starting on page 14 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). Play whatever race and class you think you will enjoy the most. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Ability Scores: Players will generate ability scores using the Standard Method found on page 15 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here).

Race: Select from one of the Core races detailed in Chapter 2 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). Each Core race has been linked below along with a suggestion about how a character of that race would fit in in Diamond Lake.

Class: Select from one of the Core classes detailed in Chapter 3 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). Each Core class has been linked below along with a suggestion about how a character of that class would fit in in Diamond Lake.

Skills: The list of skills has been truncated from D&D 3.5 and there are fewer skill ranks to spend. The details on these differences can be found in Chapter 4 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here).

Feats: Feats are located in Chapter 5 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here).

Equipment: Weapons, armor, and other adventuring gear is located in Chapter 6 of the Pathfinder Core Rules (and also here). Starting gold for each class is located on Table 6-1 (p. 140) in the Pathfinder Core Rules . Take the higher of your roll or the average. If you can afford it, you can have it. This policy only applies to starting gold expenditures.

Traits:1 Traits are a player option defined in the Advanced Player’s Guide, p. 326 (and also here). Each player may select one (1) Basic Trait found in the Advanced Player’s Guide up to two (2) Traits appropriate for your character, one of which must be a Basic Trait. Players may also create a new Trait in line with existing Basic Traits if they do not find one that meets their needs. Finally, players may select the Additional Traits feat (APG p. 150) at first level (or at a later level). All Traits are subject to GM approval. [Note: The Accelerated Drinker Trait does not apply to Alchemist extracts or mutagens.]

Alignment: The tone of this game is going to be a lot more tongue in cheek, at least at first. If you want to play the guy whose eyes turn to gemstones at the sight of the smallest amount of treasure or the farting, belching, hard-drinking ruffian, more power to you. Use your discretion.

Background: At a minimum, give me a physical description (to inform NPC reactions), a basic reason for adventuring, and at least one hook involving an old vendetta, personal ethos, relative, or other core detail that I can weave into the campaign. Below, I’ve reiterated three points of GM preference from an email sent out July 23, 2012:

  • Your PC is from Diamond Lake (or one of the surrounding areas mentioned on the campaign site). You can play someone not native to the area, but you will have to come up with a compelling reason to be in Diamond Lake (not a place one would choose to be ordinarily). And you will have to convince me.
  • Related to the first point, select one or more NPCs to tie your character’s background to (likely linked to your race and/or class). I will work with each of you to develop these relationships.
  • I would prefer for your characters to already know (and ideally like) one another. These clownshoes will be your brothers-in-arms against the forces of Darkness™ so it’d be best if you found ways to get along.

1 The number and types of Traits allowed has been expanded, effective 9/21/2012.

Race and Class Choices

Dwarf: No dwarves call Diamond Lake home, though a few live there. Most have some sort of business with the Greysmere Covenant, perhaps as a guard, negotiator, or even magical advisor.
Elf: Right-thinking elves loathe Diamond Lake, as it represents everything elves find churlish and cruel about humans. Only Ellival Moonmeadow and his deputies—exclusively elven—seem to have the stomach for the place. A PC elf might serve as a guard or confidant of one of these deputies, or might be a deputy himself!
Gnome: Gnomes might be lodgers at Tidwoad’s or agents of any of the mine managers. Those with a theatrical flair might find steady work with the Emporium. Most come from the nearby warren of Grossetgrottel.
Halfling: Many halflings in Diamond Lake work in the hospitality field, as a clerk, cook, or menial of some sort. Others are (relatively) wealthy visitors from the halfling community of Elmshire to the north.
Half-Elf: Half-elves might belong to the Bronzewood Lodge community, or might live among the “civilized” poor of Jalek’s Flophouse. They might find themselves in the employ of Ellival Moonmeadow, but soon become aware that the mine manager simply doesn’t like anyone other than elves, and half-elves don’t quite qualify.
Half-Orc: Half-orcs’ increased strength makes them ideal miners or thugs, and Diamond Lake is filled to bursting with both. A more original approach might cast a half-orc as a roustabout or performer at the Emporium. The garrison does not employ half-orcs as a rule, and most soldiers despise them thanks to an ongoing war against an orc nation far to the southwest.
Human: Humans can fill any role in Diamond Lake, from the humble miner to the child of a prominent citizen. Most are laborers.

. . .

Barbarian: In the secluded valleys of the Cairn Hills, primitive traditions hold strong and humans at times seem more like beasts than like men. In the vast swamp to the south, wiry, feral humans fiercely contest small patches of dry land, narrowly holding out against lizardfolk and more horrible denizens of the murky marsh.
Bard: Bards looking for an interesting way to fit into Diamond Lake need look no further than the Emporium. Players looking for a slightly less debauched hook might make good performers at the Spinning Giant or another unnamed venue.
Cleric: For the easiest fit, I encourage you to select Heironeous, St. Cutbert, Obad-Hai, or Wee Jas as your deity, which will allow them you interact with a local faith. If those gods do not appeal, consider the character an adjunct cleric “loaned” to an allied local temple or a lone prophet amid the common folk of Diamond Lake.
Druid: Druids fit perfectly into the Bronzewood Lodge community, and might get into the campaign as representatives of Nogwier, the cleric of Obad-Hai who leads that community and who sends them into the hills chasing stories of unkillable undead and unnatural green worms.
Fighter: Most fighters in Diamond Lake are part of the garrison contingent, but a few work as muscle for the mine managers. For an interesting spin, consider making a PC fighter a deputy serving under the corrupt Sheriff Cubbin.
Monk: Monks native to the Diamond Lake region uniformly come from the Twilight Monastery, an edifice located just outside the town. A PC monk might befriend another PC before the campaign begins, making him an ideal invite when the other PC learns of the Whispering Cairn.
Paladin: The Chapel of Heironeous regularly houses one or two young paladins from the Free City, who work within the garrison sanctuary as a lesson in humility on a path to bigger and better things within the greater church. A paladin beholden to St. Cuthbert or Wee Jas would be a minor figurehead in the cult, uniformly respected by the flock.
Ranger: Few rangers dwell within Diamond Lake, but the druidic community at the Bronzewood Lodge includes several who might have reason to regularly visit Diamond Lake. Other rangers might come from the wild tribes of the Cairn Hills or the Mistmarsh.
Rogue: Rogues are right at home nearly anywhere in Diamond Lake, but especially in vice dens like the Emporium or the Midnight Salute. Each of the mine managers sponsors at least one gang of toughs, making a rogue PC a great point of contact with the town’s seedy underworld.
Sorcerer: The Emporium is always on the lookout for charismatic exhibitors with a magical trick up their sleeve — the flashier the better. Sorcerers might also be affiliated with a street gang that frequents the Feral Dog or might be in the employ of one of the mine managers.
Wizard: Consider apprenticing wizard characters to Allustan. He provides a solid mentor and is a key NPC contact throughout the campaign.


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