Church of St Cuthbert

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Each of the establishments along the Vein’s central square trade in the exploitation of human vice or false hope, and the tower-flanked Church of St. Cuthbert is certainly no exception. Within this austere stucco structure, the poorest of Diamond Lake’s poor huddle in a torch-lit sanctuary listening to the fiery sermons of Jierian Wierus, a bombastic orator whose populist rants appeal to the best virtues and values of the common man while at the same time preying upon their fears and superstitions. Wierus spends most of his time in seclusion, writing sermons and communicating with his god during intense self-flagellation sessions. Rarely, he pays a personal visit to Jalek’s Flophouse to evangelize directly with his flock, usually attracting a dozen or more new converts to his cause each time.

Wierus performs three sermons a week; each fills to capacity at least an hour before the high priest arrives and is a rambunctious affair. Not all devotees whip themselves into religious fervor, but enough do that those who abstain mark themselves as outsiders. Wierus often tailors his sermons to first-time visitors, urging them to join his growing congregation and reclaim Diamond Lake under the banner of community and strong values.

A secondary acolyte, the scrupulous Hameneezer, manages the day-to-day affairs of the church facility and can nearly always be found within. After religious ceremonies, Hameneezer often soaks the congregation’s congealing blood into rags, which are later sold as holy relics of the faith. Hameneezer and an assortment of acolytes also offer healing potions and ritual casting services to the general public at inflated rates. Members of the flock receive these boons for standard prices, so Cuthbert’s faithful constantly drone on about the value of regularly attending church services.

OOC: The church sells healing potions. Hameneezer can brew any potion for any applicable cleric spells up to 3rd level (750 gp value). He can send away for items above this level.

Church of St Cuthbert

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