Cornelius Journal 5

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Writing found scrawled in some notes on fungus next to a vial of yellow fungal spores

It would appear that the spores of this yellow mold deliver a toxin intended to eat away at the subject’s biology allowing it to slow and devour them over time. I have taken a sample as can be found in vial Contaminant C-2 which appears similar to a yellow powder or dust. Take extreme caution when handling or gathering as the subject is volatile when disturbed. Had my fortitude not been so robust it may have even overcome me. Spores are delivered via propulsion and scattered onto the host at the slightest sign of disturbance. Find image 2-A for a visual aid of the spore’s parent fungus.

...Should you reader find this attached to my notes please return them to the Silver Dragon Inn.

Damn place is unnatural. Not liking it one little bit. We’ve chased the damn doppleganger gang down to a sewer tunnel. Never gets any easier or cleaner. Everything is upside down around here, duplicates of ourselves, duplicates of our allies and I’ll be damned if they didn’t end up having some kind of gem that told them all they could want about our own personal lives.

Lib is smitten with this damnable elven noble girl. Running around blushing like a school-child and playing puppydog to her. Elven family was real nice from what I could tell, but I opted out of the meet-n-greet seeing that I’d be in over my head. Xan keeps acting like there ain’t nothing wrong and it’s time to keep up appearances even though he was imprisoned and gone through the ringer with his family. Then after we got stabbed by the “fake” him he expects us to just trust him like its all fine and dandy.

I don’t know about the others but I’m uneasy with all of this. These bastards have been using mind magics to control us. Hell we fought some wizard duplicate and he got in Xan and my head right off the bat. Xan keeps bringing weapons to bear against us, his allies, fight after fight. We’ve smashed our way through dark skinned elves and shape shifters and now even these damn land-octopus things and it just keeps getting weirder and weirder! I’ve taken multiple samples of things all over for later study if I ever get back to a functional lab environment.

We’ve entered some brain worshipping chamber and right off the bat we get accosted by Xan once more. The others wondered why I wouldn’t just let him go after he stabbed me. Mom assured me that he was of sound mind, but after watching him nearly kill Liberty in a possessed stupor, then have him cut me over and over I wasn’t comfortable with it. Ever since we got to this place, Xan has been unstable. I get it, he’s our ally and we’re supposed to help him out, but I think I’ve been stabbed by him as much as anyone else in this sewer. What happened to Lib and Mom where one can be stabbed nearly to death, watch all of us get accosted again and again, and be against ME when I am not comfortable with safeguarding him until the affronting object (the brain in this case) is dealt with solidly.

I’m very curious in this place and I’ve tried to collect what I can, but even I am getting uneasy with the prospect of what will come next. Things not of this realm reside here now, and they are a toxin to this cities future much like a fungus devouring the host. If we don’t root them out I’m not sure who will… But on that same note, who will root them out when we die of it, who will root us out if we fall under it’s power? We venture deeper in now, luck on our souls for it is dark where we tread.

Cornelius Journal 5

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