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Free City of Greyhawk (metropolis):
Oligarchy – Unaligned
Population – 69,500
Cosmopolitan – (77% human, 9% halfling, 5% gnome, 3% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% eladrin, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc, 1% other races)

Authority Figures:
His Solemn Authority, the Lord Mayor of Greyhawk, Nerof Gasgal (male human)


The city of Greyhawk controls a sizable estate ranging from the northern coast of the Woolly Bay to the souther shores of Midbay in the Nyr Dyv. The Cairn Hills and the Abbor-Alz mark the eastern limits of this domain, while its western boundary is generally considered to lie within the Gnarley Forest and along the edge of the Welkwood. The other towns in the Greyhawk territory each have their own history of independence. Were the entire region not threatened by upheaval in the adjacent lands, none of them would willingly submit to Greyhawk. The “empires” of the Pomarj and the Bright Desert lands are seen as unstable, but quite dangerous. In addition neither Dyvers nor Celene, Greyhawk’s western neighbors, hold any affection for the free city; the Duchy of Urnst, to the east, is a luke-warm ally.

The soldiers of the free city are typically armed with sword and club, and also include a substantial number of crossbowmen. They are profided with chainmail and shield, with the exception of the Hardby Marines, who wear leather armor. The Greyhawk Militia’s strength is focused in the south, facing endless raids by orcs and goblinoids from the conquered Wild Coast. The armoy includes the seagoing Hardby Marines of Woolly Bay, in their six war-galleys, and the Mountaineer Militia of the Abbor-Alz, with a score of griffon-riding “skymen” attached.

The Selintan River and the River Road that runs alongside it are the main avenues of travel in the lands of Greyhawk, connecting Woolly Bay to the Nyr Dyv. The Western Road carries traffic to Dyvers and beyond while Urnst Trail crosses through the Carin Hills to the east. Trade from all across the Flanaess passes through the free city, and people of all nations can be found there. In addition to being a center of commerce, Greyhawk is a city of learning. The University of Magical Arts and the Grey College, among others, attract numerous students here. Finally, it is also a city of diplomacy; statesmen and politicians from nations throughout the central Flanaess serve as ambassadors to this domain, forging alliances and treaties.

The city of Greyhawk is ruled by its lord mayor, who is selected by the Directing Oligarchy comprised of twelve to eighteen of the city’s major guild and military leaders, in addition to important clerics and wizards. The populace of the expanded estate of Greyhawk, beyond the city proper, has only limited influence in government. The Greyhawk Council of Mayors and Manorial Lords ostensibly gives the leaders of the various lesser communities in the city’s larger domain a voice in government, but it is recognized that this annual gathering has no real authority. Hardby, in particular, still supports its ruling gynarchy, though the town is occupied by the military of Greyhawk. The nearby settlements and villages also lookk to the gynarchy for leadership, following the example of the current despotrix by deferring to the authority of the free city.

Free City

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