Jaleks Flophouse

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Jalek’s Flophouse, situated on Front Street within smelling distance of the lake, is the town’s most famous warehouse, as it houses nearly a hundred pitiful indigents fighting off destitution with a handful of copper. A rotting wooden framework within supports a lurching, maze-like second floor, where every step brings an alarming creak and the walls thrum with muffled conversation.

Lodging is 5 coppers a night, paid to a massive, helmeted mute half-orc named Golot. The brute pummels those who do not pay until they flee or die. No one has an address at Jalek’s — the room you have is the room you can keep. Most rooms lack doors, let alone locks, but the shifting inhabitants and the chaotic layout of the upper floor makes it one of the best places to disappear in all of Diamond Lake.

The halfling landlord Jalek lives in a rooftop apartment and is seldom seen. The Cuthbertine flagellant Jierian Wierus frequently visits the flophouse, where he recruits a growing tide of converts.

Jaleks Flophouse

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