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1 Wealsun, 595 CY

My Dearest Violetta,

It pains me to be parted from you these last three weeks. I am sorry, but I do not know how long this mission will take. Regardless, do not let my elder brother convince you that you cannot manage our estates and our villa. I entrusted these things to you because you have the heart and intelligence to manage them properly and he is not welcome to our lands. He would only misuse them and our people as he has his own. You are the proper manager and caretaker and you may resort to the legal documents left in the care of the Church with Crusader di Lucio. Di Lucio may be retired but he is still a man of substance and is a noble of higher rank than my brother Guiseppe. We may be nobles too low ranked to have a place in court, but we may still appeal to the King’s Justice if he presses too hard.

You may tell Aldo that seven is too young for him to have his own gentleman’s sword. He must content himself with the training blades provided by his teachers for now, and I will judge his swordplay when I return. If he has sufficient mastery by then, we may commission him a new blade for his ninth birthday.

Let Elenora know that I am pleased with the pressed flowers she insisted you send me. But you may wish to watch over her while she picks them, as I believe that she included some poison sumac along with the daisies, as I am sure that you know by now. For a young girl of five summers, she is far too clever in escaping her nurse.

Even so, hug them both for me; I miss them terribly.

I am enjoying the Arenea silk over tunic that you sent me for my birthday. It fits quite well and for a man one year short of thirty, it is as fine a gift as he could wish for. The gold patterns are very pleasant and evoke Pelor quite nicely.

I regret that I will not be home for our ninth anniversary in two months; my mission may take much longer this time. Rumors of an old, undead evil resurfacing must take precedence. I follow these rumors to the Free City and, with luck (and the guidance of the Sun Father), I will find the adventurers mentioned and discover the truth. If these rumors turn out to be true, I may be even longer away than I thought, for, as a Radiant Servant, you know that I must stand against this old evil. Only such an important issue can keep me away from you and our children.

The Free City will be new to me and I hear that there will be a festival and the Champion’s Games that they hold ever year. This is some sort of gladiatorial combat with free participants competing for a grand prize at the end. I intend to a least visit the Free City Arena so that I may describe the Games to you. Perhaps I will be able to send you and the children some small gifts from the festival.

With all my love, I will always be your


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Letters to Home 1

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