Letters to Home 2

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9 Wealsun, 595 CY

My Dearest Violetta,

The festival in the Free City is all that I imagined it to be. There are mummers and puppets and minstrels in plenty. There are acrobats and rare beasts and all manner of other entertainments. The city is full of people in good humor and excellent cheer. I was able to find many amusements, and I honestly regret that I am here on Church business and could not bring my family along with me, for it would be a pleasant thing to see this with you all.

Along with this letter I will send the children some gifts, and one for you too, my love.

After a brief meeting with the members of the Church, I was directed to the Arena to watch Champion’s Games for the people that I must question are participants in the event. They have named themselves “Burning Blood” for the Games and there was some concern over their actions in the first round, where their sorceress proved her fire-casting skills much to the detriment of their opponents. I understand that, while their actions did not violate any of the rules, it was considered truly bad form for them to actually cause permanent loss of life with no request for surrender. This causes me some concern about their temperament and disposition for their actions cast some doubt that they may be of assistance to the Church’s cause and my own mission.

This being so, I set my self to watch the Games for “Burning Blood” was to appear in them today. Imagine my surprise when their manager came and asked that I join him for a meeting with them!

There had been some sort of accident where one of their members had died and was not able to be brought back, and they were in need of another member to assist them. Knowing that I had wished to speak to them, their manager suggested that I join them for the remainder of the Games!

It turns out that “Burning Blood” was mostly participating in the game as part of their own investigation into the events that I sought information on.

The Members are:
Alexander Quinn, a young man of slight build and keen mind. He seems a bit cynical.
Cornelius Drake, a large many with burn scars and a melancholy disposition.
Liberty Grace, a very comely young woman with red hair that seems to reflect her fire abilities.
Charles Fisher Junior, the sadly deceased Cleric of Kord. He seems to be much missed and mourned by his companions.

We only had brief introductions before we were ushered into the Arena and I felt the excitement in my blood as the battle commenced. In the spirit of “Burning Blood” I did call upon the Sun Father’s fire to join my new companions in this battle. Signore Drake is some sort of Alchemist and did enlarge himself whilst Signorina Grace cast various forms of fire and lightning and Signore Quinn (with great panache, I might add) used his sword.

My dear, our opponents were quite tenacious, but refused to surrender but we did win in the end. I will assume, for now, that their first fight was either a miscalculation of force or some subtle plan, for they truly did not show any overt blood lust or sadism.

I will write again when I have time, my love.
Remind the children that I am proud of them and love them very much.

All my love to you, my dearest,


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Letters to Home 2

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