Letters to Home 3

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9 Wealsun, 595 CY (Evening)

My Dearest,

In my previous letter I introduced you to my new companions, Quinn, Drake, and Grace. It is my pleasure to state that, whatever their true motivations are, they are at least interested in some of the same things as I am. Their brutal win in the first round seems to have been a lamentable miscalculation, and not one of sadism or blood-lust, regardless of their “Arena Name”, of Burning Blood.

Their true efforts are not to win the Champion’s Games (although they will still attempt to do so), but to expose an Evil that seems to reside hidden under the Arena itself. I am pleased to throw my weight in with them in this endeavor and hope to proved you with some more certain information after our secret foray.


Our evidence has been found and with the blessings of the Sun-Father, it will be enough to stop the true evil that we have discovered. O, my love, I am unlucky to be here instead of home right now. The thing we feared and the rumors of it are true and a great evil may be awakened. Blessed be the Sun-Father that we are made aware of it and it has not happened unwarned.

Know that this evil must be stopped and I am at the center of it. Take note, Violetta, that, should it come to it, Crusader di Lucio still has the documents in his safekeeping and will take your side against Guiseppe to secure our holdings for you and the children.

Nothing has come to pass yet, and with Pelor’s Light, will not come pass at all. But you are now forewarned should anything happen to me.

On a lighter note, Burning Blood will fight some sort of beast in our next match instead of another group of Champions. This is unusual, as the retuning victors normally fight the beast in the final elimination round. I have no doubt that we will be triumphant in the end.

Fear not, my love, for I will do all that is in my power to uphold the Sun-Father’s grace and still return to you.

All of my love,


* * *

To the Head of the Free City Church of Pelor;

As Radiant Servant to the Sun-Father and investigator I have news of the gravest importance.

The Apostolic Scrolls have been used and the ulgurstasta has been wakened. It is still contained within its barrier but the summoner has been slain and the barrier is weakening as I write.

Know that it still resides within its barrier and the barrier is beneath the Free City Arena. It is my fear that it may awaken while the Games continue and the audience will be in grave jeopardy. If you could see your way to be ready to cover the retreat of the innocents in the Arena, my companions and I will do what we can to slay the ulgurstasta.

This is a grave undertaking and while I may command the Church of Pelor to this task only in the name of the Sun-Father, I entreat you to confer with the other churches in order to secure the safety of the citizens of the Free City.

I am unable to say when the creature will be loosed, or if it can be defeated, but I fear the worst.

Yours in Faith,

Lord Zanipolo Uberto Lucentio di Mezzanotte, Radiant Servant

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Letters to Home 3

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