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10 Wealsun, 595 CY

My Dearest Violetta,

Nothing extreme has happened as of yet, but my worries grow because of it.

Meanwhile, late last night, Signorina Grace was assaulted by one of our defeated opponents. Given the small quarters, we fought from our beds and dispatched our foe. Due to the concerns of the Games, and the people sponsoring them, we had to hide the body. I shall see to it that he is given a decent send off as time and circumstances permit.

This morning, though, we had our match against a beast. It was some sort of giant frog-thing that I had neither seen of ever even heard of, although Signore Quinn did call it a “froghemoth” and the announcer named it “Madtooth the Hungry”.

I called holy fire upon it and Signorina Grace blasted it with cold. Signore Drake consumed some alchemical potion and grew large and moved to grapple, and Signore Quinn moved to flank it. Seeking to draw it away from her, I moved away from the Signorina, but failed in my purpose. Sadly the best I could do, is continue to heal my companions and, once, free Signore Quinn from its tongue. It did use its tongue quite like a frog would, attempting to pull us into its mouth. It once succeeded in doing so to Signore Quinn, and swallowing him, but not before he cut the beast’s mouth most severely. After that it was a matter of a few spells (and one enormous Fireball from Signorina Grace) and Signore Drake beating the thing with his fists, and we had won. It was easy enough afterward to remove Signore Quinn from its belly and the crowd cheered for us most heartily.

At this point we were able to hold brief converse with our manager, Signore Smallcask and share with him our news of the previous night.

Namely that we had recovered his sister’s Zombified remains and that the Raknian’s chief of security was seen in the Coenoby (this being the place where the gladiators rest between matches) and that a person had tried to murder Signorina Grace.

We made arrangements to remove the remains of Smallcask’s sister at a later time and shared as much information as we could about the doings in the underground and my concerns thereof. He agreed that he must at least tell the wizard that the others had been sharing information with and we had some hope that he may offer us some advice.

It is unknown if we can defeat the beast of the undead, only that we must try should the need arise. It is to be hoped that my missive to the church should protect the city folk from immediate harm and possibly contain the damage should the beast arise while the coliseum is occupied.

For now, my love, the Coenoby is quiet, the remains have been delivered and the next match is on the morrow. I understand that the other of our party had some dealings with our final opponents and I hope that things can be settled without death.

I shall sleep now, and perhaps we shall meet in our deams…

My love for you, always,


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Letters to Home 4

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