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24 Planting, 595 CY

Dear Connie,

Is this really the first chance I’ve had to sit down to write? So much has happened since I saw you last, when I gave you the necklace I bought in the Free City (which I’m very glad you liked, by the way). We’re in Dourstone Mine, rooting out a cult called the Ebon Triad. I can’t be sure how long they’ve been down here, but there’s no way old Ragnolin didn’t know about it.

Mind you, our information about this place comes from Boss Smenk, but we’re not working for him. I mean, rooting out the Triad helps him, in the sense that it helps Diamond Lake, but he’s not paying us to be down here. Which, now that I write it, makes it sound like we’re working for him for free! He did blackmail us, threatening to tell the authorities about what we did to Filge. Bastard. Maybe this was a terrible idea after all.

Even so, things have gone pretty well so far. Sam has been a great addition to our group, and now that Drake’s back, I feel more confident than ever. Mom broke up a snarky little fight I had with Cornelius, but there was nothing to it. Still, Mom’s a better peacekeeper than I am. Xan seems to be the brains of our outfit, but who’s the leader?

It hasn’t been all tea and dumplings, though. We had quite a scare in Vecna’s Labyrinth thanks to some sneaky kenku, but we made it through in one piece. And the loot has been beyond belief; we’ve already found more treasure than we did in the whole of the Whispering Cairn.

There was one thing that bothered me, though – when we defeated the high priest of Hextor, a man named Theldrick, we managed to lay him out without killing him… and we killed him anyway. I couldn’t stop thinking about how Filge got away from us. I can’t stop thinking about what he might be doing right now, whose loved ones he might be digging up and reanimating. And every time I think about it, I remember that we could have stopped him, and we didn’t.

The thing that bothers me about killing Theldrick is that it doesn’t bother me, and I know it should.

I hate to think of what Allustan, or Valkus Dun, or Father would say if any of them knew what we’d done. I mean, it was a murder, right? He was helpless, and we killed him, right? That’s a sin in the eyes of nearly every god I know… even if we did the wrong thing for the right reason, it was still wrong. I hate to say it, but maybe I should go and see Valkus to atone when this is done. I haven’t visited him in a while anyway; it might be good for us both.

I can’t concentrate enough to make any sense of these encrypted scrolls, or the Chronicle of Chan. I can barely read Theldrick’s journal; my mind is all over the place. I keep thinking of you, and your smile when I told you that Drake was all right. The Free City Adventurers may have left town, but the Grace girls soldier on with heads high and hearts unbroken!

All my love,

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Liberty Journal 6

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