Mom Journal 3

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14 Planting, 595 CY

Az planed we entered the tomb in the morning and went down to the lower level to explor the last door. It turned out to be a privee and did not leed anywere els.

We then experiminted with the sarkofogus again and lit some of the lanterns. With all the lanterns lit, it was payneful to look at and mayd us naseeus. So we put them out.

One alkove / hal had a metal pilar with doors, but it waz a trap mayd to crush who ever went in it. We found a bodee with a powch that had sum coins in it.

When we tested the other alkovez another had a similar pilar but wuz not traped and we rode it down to a smal room with carvings on the walz.

There wuz a large stone blok in the way that we culd baerly see over but we topled it and Xan went ahed to chek out the halway beeyond it.

Whyle we were wayting, poison gas caym out of the walz so we moved into the hallway. Partway down the hallway it god kolder and sum mold got Xan.

I used my wip to pull him out beecuz Cornelius said that it would tayk kold to kill it. I went the other way to chek the other branch of the hall.

I found a door to what luked lyke a bed room and a alkove with as stone blok in it that had krushed a person.

Wen we all cayme back, we used a swich to move the blok away and found sum gud thingz. A set of chain mail, a perl that letz me regayn a yused spel and sum wandz. I got the mail and the perl and Liberty got the wandz.

We found nothing to tayk in the bedroom but the bed wus majik and had a kooshin of air for the matres. We culd not move the bed tho.

Outside in the hallway, we found another privee and Liberty yused one of the wandz to mayk sumthing moov the mold and throw it down the privee.

There wuz a fountan that Cornelius said made sum kind of grayvee stuf lyk food. The next room luked lyk a workshop for a stone karver.

Xan and Liberty cheked out the thingz in the room and found a staf of petrefyed wud that we kept , a egg/bolder thing of blakstone . The blakstone had a glyf on it that Liberty sayd wuz from a air elemental kalled “Ogre mak”. Another air elemental thing in here.

We diskused how to get thees ityms up to the surfase.

Then the Blakstone egg started to moov.

Mom Journal 3

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