Mom Journal 4

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14 Planting, 595 CY (2)

It tuk on a humanoid shayp and spoke to us, althou we did not understand it. It ataked us and we beat it down. Liberty burned it and Drake and I hit it as it tryd to move past us.

Non of us knew what it wuz.

Xan thanked me for heeling and I heeled everywun a litel mor and then Cornelius and I moved the ston slab and took it to the intrense.

Wen we came bak to the mayn room, I sugjested that they go up to the mouth hall and I wuld lyte all the lanternz.

Xan deecyded to go and disaybl the trap and then everywun went up and I lit the lanternz. The fayse at the end of the uper hall way muved and showed another room.

This room had a wud-ston path three feet wyde over an opin room ful of iron balz and holz along the walls.

We hurd a chylde’s voyse gigling at us. Very kreepy.

Xan went furst and I asked him to ty a rop to keep him frum faling and the chylde’s voyse told uss that waz smart.

I asked who it wuz, but no wun ansered, but it moked Xan when he trigered a trap. Wen Xan reeched the other side, a gost of a yung human came out of the wall and went into Xan. Wen I asked it to leev, it asked us to help get him buryed. Wen we agreed, he left Xan.

Wen Liberty got down to the balz, she wuz ataked by a worm-bug. Xan Sumersalted down, but I just fell on my fayse. We killed it, but Xan wuz hurt and I healed him, then he rested wyle we found the boy’s bonz and sum other bodys.

So we went to the hous that wuz the gost’s. But sumwun had dug up the bodeez.

Xan wanted to bury the bonz and call it dun, but that wuldnot be ryt and we argud about it for whyle and Cornelius notised sum traks and I notised that five caym in but only for left. And the for that left wer in a hury.

We found that a larg kreeture, maybee a bear. So we flushd it out, but it caym thru a wall insted of the door. It put Cornelius down, but we kiled it and Xan asked me to skin it.

Wen we went in to luk around, we found a arm with Garavin Vest’s mark on it, just lyke the wun on Kulen.

Cornelius found a owl-bear kub to keep.

We thout that we shuld talk to Kulen and fynd out wat we culd about the mising bodeez. Xan argyud about just burying the bonz and having dun again.

I do not understand wy he cannot understand wy I want to keep my word wen I gayv it. He kan be so frustryting, and so self sentered. It mayd me so mad that I saw red.

On my way hom, I had a rayg fit. I gess that I am a haf-ork and the rayg is in my blud.

Mom Journal 4

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