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Diamond Lake


Lanod Neff – Governor-Mayor of Diamond Lake (male human)

Cubbin – Boisterous Drunk Serving Neff as Sheriff (male human)

Tolliver Trask – Garrison Commander (male human)

The Mine Managers

Balabar Smenk – Corpulent, Ambitious Businessman (male human)

Chaum Gansworth – Young, Cautious Businessman, Courting Parrin (male human)

Ellival Moonmeadow – Imperious Silver Mine Owner (male elf)

Gelch Tilgast – Aged Manager, Building an Alliance Against Smenk (male human)

Luzane Parrin – Recent Widow with Failing Fortunes, Courting Gansworth (female human)

Ragnolin Dourstone – Responsible, Successful Manager (male dwarf)


Valkus Dun – Chief Priest of Heironeous (male human)

Jierian Wierus – High Priest of St. Cuthbert (male human)


Allustan – Retired Wizard, Respected Brother to the Governor-Mayor (male human)

Kullen – Street Tough Employed by Smenk (male half-orc)


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