Cornelius Drake

The Burned Man


“Fire burns flesh from the bone and sin from the soul…”

Cornelius Drake
Male human alchemist 10
CN Medium humanoid
Init +1; Senses Perception +13
Languages Common, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Giant

AC 17; touch 11; flat-footed 16 (1 Dex, +5 armor, +1 natural armor)
==HP 116 (9 HD; 10d8
39*+10 Toughness)
Fort +12 (immune to poison), Ref +10, Will +6

Spd 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike 13/8 (1d3+6)
Melee 1 spiked gauntlet of shock +14/9 (1d4+7+1d6 shock)
Ranged (20’) Bomb 12 (5d64 fire and 9 splash [Ref DC 18 half])
Mutagen Attacks
Melee 2 claws 13 (1d66)
Melee bite 13 (1d86)
Extract Formulas Prepared (CL 10th):
4th – Stone Skin, Combo (Bull’s Strength + Bear’s Endurance)
3rd – Fly, Cure Serious Wounds, Combined (Shield + Enlarge Person), Thorn Body
2nd – Bull’s Strength x2, Cure Moderate Wounds, Aid, Elemental Strike (Fire)
1st – Cure Light Wounds x2, Shield x2, Enlarge Person, Open Slot
Extract Formulas List: (1st – Bomber’s Eye (APG), Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Undead, Enlarge Person, Shield, Stone Fist (APG), Targeted Bomb Admixture (APG), True Strike; 2nd – Bear’s Endurance, Cure Moderate Wounds, Certain Grip, Lesser Restoration, Invisibility, Bull’s Strength, Resist Energy, Elemental Strike, Aid; 3rd – Rage, Cure Serious Wounds, Fly, Thorn Body; 4th – Stone Skin)
Special Atk Mutagen (+4 single physical trait, +2 Natural AC, 2 associated mental trait)
Alchemist Discoveries == Spontaneous Healing;
—alchemist-discoveries/combine-extracts">Combine Extracts (Put two formula into one extract, it takes an extract slot 2 higher than the highest formula); Infusion (Others can use the Extracts created by the Alchemist), Precise Bombs (The alchemist may select a number of squares equal to his Int modifier that are not affected by his thrown bombs); Feral Mutagen (The alchemist gains 2 claws and a bite as primary attacks using full base attack bonus, in mutagen form)==

Str 18 (4), Dex 13 (1), Con 16 (3), Int 18 (4), Wis 13 (1), Cha 7 (-2)
Base Atk +7/2; CMB +11 (
16 grapple); CMD 22 (26 vs. grapple)
Feats Brew PotionB, Brutal Throw (CAd), Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Greater Grapple, Extra Bombs, Throw AnythingB, ==Toughness==
Skills Appraise +11, Craft (Alchemy) +17, Disable Device +8, Heal +13, Knowledge (Arcana) +17, Knowledge (Nature) +17, Perception +13, Profession (Alchemist) +13, Sleight of Hand +5, Spellcraft +17, Survival +13
Trait Hedge Magician (can craft magic items at an extra 5% discount)
SQ Alchemy (use of magic Extracts); Bomb (use of bomb thrown weapon 13x day); Mutagen (use of basic Mutagen 1x day); Discoveries ==(Infusion, Precise Bombs, Feral Mutagen)==; Poison Use; Poison Resistance +6; ==Swift Alchemy==; Swift Poisoning
Gear ==Acid== x2, ==Alchemist’s Fire== x8, +1 Brawling Chain Shirt, Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Cloak of Reisitsnce +2, +1 Spiked Gauntlets of Shock, Brass Ring of Continual Flame, Potion of Aid CL5 x2, Potion of Elemental Strike (Fire) CL5, Potion of Cure Light Wounds x1 (CL3), Potion of Enlarge Person x2 (CL2), Potion of Bull’s Strength (dark bottle), ==Alchemist’s kit==, Kyuss Worm Paste x4, Oil of Taggit (poison), potion injectors x2 (containting cure light wounds potions), backpack, bedroll, blanket (winter and common), rope (50’ hemp), belt, pouch, waterskin, flask, cigars, tinder-twigs, 133gp

Hero Points 2
Weapon Proficiency all simple weapons
Armor Proficiency Light Armors
Favored Class Alchemist (Lvl 1-8: hp)
Open Slots It takes 1 minute to prepare an alchemical extract and some alchemist leave slots open to fill as needed – Alchemy (use of magic Extracts)

(APG) Advanced Player’s Guide, (CAd) Complete Adventurer
B: Bonus feat


“You smell that?.. Smells like fire.”

Height: 6’2" Weight: 200 lbs Age: 22
Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: None Skin: Pink-White (patchy scar tissue)


Cornelius is a large man, not enormous, but larger than most. He’s tautly muscled instead of bulging and usually his well honed strength is covered by his common clothes. Since the incident surrounding the death of Constance Grace, Cornelius underwent a physical and mental transformation. After standing in the burning building and healing himself with the intent to keep his scars he now appears as a burn victim. Horrible scars cover his face and body, no hair grows upon his scalp. He carries the scars of the fire as a reminder and refuses to heal them by magical means.

A tad wealthier than common miners since his induction into Benazel’s laboratory as assistant alchemist and occasional powder-man, Cornelius still tends to wear long sleeved miners shirts and patched pants usually thickly padded for working in hazardous zones. He is commonly seen with some apron of sorts bearing stains from alchemical work and carrying any number of vials and reagents on his person. He isn’t one to carry a weapon on him and rumor has it that he hasn’t much need.


Cornelius was born in Diamond Lake, his mother Genneva died when he was 10 years old to illness and he was left solely in the care of his miner father Cyril, who took up the drink to cope with the loss of his wife and caring for a child on his own. Over the next four years the drinking got worse, and then the resentment set in, and Cornelius’ father took to taking his anger and grief out on his only son. To this day Cornelius bears the scars and cigar burns inflicted by his father. Sometime after his 14th birthday Cornelius followed his father to the mines early one morning, Watching his father pick up a cache of alchemical fire and followed him down to his position where he was so early that he found themselves alone.

There Cornelius watched his father sit on a stone and pull out his flask, take a long draw and light a cigar, flinching for a moment at the red glow. Cornelius felt his anger and hurt boil until he couldn’t take it, he stood and stepped out of the dark into the dull glow of his father’s lantern, startling him. The old man twisted his face into a scowl of rage and raised to reprimand his boy, but before he could open his mouth Cornelius was at him, swinging and knocking his father down. Startled, there was silence as Cornelius picked up the alchemical fire and opened it, dumping it’s contents at and on the man’s feet. Cornelius doesn’t recall if words were spoken to him or not, all he remembered was the look on his face as he picked up the cigar, fallen from his father’s mouth. A look of resignation and defeat as his son took a draw from the cigar, pulling the end into a orange ember and setting it to the fuel.

Cornelius heard nothing as he walked from the blaze, not even the crackle of flames as they consumed his only parent. He just remembered hurrying home and trying to stay out of sight as best he could. Some of the miners came by later that day and found Cornelius alone. They didn’t ask why he looked out of sorts and they didn’t question his bedraggled appearance. They just told him his father had been found dead, burned in an accident in the mines and that he had been drinking and spilled his fire and cigar. One of the miners had an almost knowing look on his face, but said nothing and neither did Cornelius… He was alone now.

Not but a month passed and Cornelius realized the need for some income to support himself and he went to the only place he knew would take him on quick. The mines. He was taken up immediately and put on his father’s shift where he worked with the explosives and came to know the life of a miner. He took to the drink and smoke and digging, and rarely spoke to anyone except for Benazel when he went to pick up supplies.


Cornelius is a quiet man, usually too lost in his own head or a bottle to say much other than what’s precisely on his mind. He doesn’t deal in niceties or placation when he chooses to converse. This has grown him a reputation in Diamond Lake of a hard and cold individual and in truth, to a degree, he is.

It’s not that Cornelius is a hateful man, but he is a violent man. He carries his own code of honor if you can call it that, that is mostly live and leave alone so long as you don’t get in his way or harm him or his. Cornelius can’t stand a bully and once his fire is lit, usually the only thing that’ll extinguish it is blood. He’s not foolish though and despite their underhanded mechanations he knows better than to go after the higher ups in the city… for now.


“That is the last thing you are going to do.”


Cornelius Drake

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