Worms: Apocalypse

In Which We Meet the Free City Adventurers.

Posted by zero

6 Growfest, 595 CY

Auric was really enjoying Growfest. As reigning champion of the Free City Arena, he was the recipient of a great deal of attention, adulation, and more free drinks than even his prodigious thirst required. People oohed and ahhed as the gladiator told and retold “war stories” from last year’s Games, and they broke into wild applause and cheered when, at the climax of the tale, he heroically vanquished all other contenders and laid claim to the coveted Champion’s Belt. Those moments were his favorite.

As he finished another drink, he caught his companion Tirra’s gaze and gave her a wink. She rolled her canted eyes, but he saw the smirk before she covered it with another sip of wine. He waved to his friend Ricard, the owner of the Green Dragon Inn, for another round of ale, and drew another cheer from the crowd. He liked the rough-and-tumble tavern, and was more than happy to attract more business to it with his presence.

Auric waved his audience off and made his way over to Tirra’s table, taking a seat beside her and propping his feet up on the empty chair adjacent. “Helluva crowd tonight, eh?” he prompted. She muttered something non-committal, and he frowned as he looked her over. He had known the elf less than a year, and she was, to him, something so many other women were not – interesting. She had rebuffed all of his advances so far, but he thought that he was growing on her. He felt sure it was only a matter of time before Tirra succumbed to his obvious charms.


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