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  • Mom

    !{float:right}http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y243/Kalenthor/Age%20of%20Worms/MomImage2.jpg! Born 571
    Charles Fisher (Sr.) 42 Heavy, ugly, red-haired, slow witted Miner (human)
    Mazoru Fisher (Deceased) Miner/amateur tattooist, Died in 589 …

  • Eligos

    When [[:allustan]] ran out of ideas about the cult of the *Ebon Triad* and the rising spawn of Kyuss, he directed the party to the [[Free City]] to seek out *Eligos*, a former associate. p=. ==* * *== _20 Flocktime, 595 CY_ The adventurers met the …

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