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  • Auric

    _The human gladiator Auric wears a unique red and black leather girdle topped with the representation of a haunted female face—the Champion’s Belt of the Free City Arena._ _3 Planting, 595 CY_ The [[Free City]] gladiator Auric arrived in [[Diamond …

  • Sam Claiborne

    |*Height* - 5' 9"|*Weight* - 160 lb.|*Age* - 19| |*Eyes* - Blue|*Hair* - Black|*Skin* - Pale| *Appearance* Samantha Claiborne had her father's height but looked exactly like her mother. (At least that's what her father and brothers told her). Her …

  • Loris Raknian

    Loris Raknian is a tall, heavily muscled man in his early fifties. Famous for his great strength, Raknian remains an exceptionally hardy man today. He has short grizzled hair, a strong jaw, and small gray eyes.

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