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  • Bibliography

    [[Main Page]] >> Bibliography --- I only own the Core Rulebook, so that is the only source I'm going to allow blanket access for character options. If you have options from other books you would like to use, I am willing to entertain them. …

  • Chargen

    [[Main Page]] >> Chargen --- p=. Character Generation Players should follow the guidelines for Generating a Character in Chapter 1 starting on page 14 of the _Pathfinder Core Rules_ (and also "here":http://www.d20pfsrd.com/basics- …

  • House Rules

    [[Main Page]] >> *House Rules* --- The case-by-case exceptions for 3rd party mechanics as well as DM rulings are listed below.

    Ability Scores

    Each player rolls a set of ability scores for their character as described in [[Chargen]]. …

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