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  • Feral Dog

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Places]] >> [[Diamond Lake]] >> *The Feral Dog* --- Since both [[Lazares House|Lazare’s]] and the [[Emporium]] charge a small fee for entry, Diamond Lake’s poorest laborers must turn to a collection of run-down ale halls with more …

  • Hungry Gar

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Places]] >> [[Diamond Lake]] >> *The Hungry Gar* --- Guld Tortikan, head chef at the Hungry Gar, claims to serve the finest meal on the Vein. He is mistaken. ---

  • Spinning Giant

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Places]] >> [[Diamond Lake]] >> *The Spinning Giant* --- When not drilling, sleeping, or on patrol, garrison soldiers flock to this raucous two-story tavern to meet with friends, chant drinking songs, and drown themselves in …

  • Rusty Bucket

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Places]] >> [[Diamond Lake]] >> *The Rusty Bucket* --- This popular restaurant used to specialize in fish, but since the lake went bad it’s been forced to adapt to a land-based menu. Within, green stained-glass windows filter eerie …

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