Chapter 2 Creatures

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Session 8: The Lesser of Two
dire apes, Balabar Smenk

Session 9: The Temple of Hextor
tiefling guards, skeletons, cultists, Beast (dire boar), Garras, Kendra, troglodyte zombies

Session 10: One Down
tiefling guards, Theldrick, kenku (labyrinth denizens)

Session 11: The Labyrinth of Vecna
dire weasels, kenku (labyrinth denizens, lieutenant, boss), Vecna acolytes, allip, The Faceless One

Session 12: The Caves of Erythnul
grimlocks (warriors, archers, barbarian), krenshars, chokers

Session 13: Children of the Many
grimlocks, grimlock chieftain, Grallak Kur

Session 14: The Threefold Spawn
Ebon Aspect, Ragnolin Dourstone

Chapter 2 Creatures

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