Chapter 5 Creatures

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Session 32: Into the Arena
Celeste, Ekaym Smallcask, Loris Raknian, Tirra

Session 33: Round One
Rennida Auriga (elf arcane archer) and “Arcane Auriga” (elf fighters), Joren (human barbarian/druid) and “Badlands Revenge” (dire badger, gnoll fighters), Korush (janni swashbuckler) and “Sapphire Squad” (human fighters)

Session 34: Teambuilding
Auric, “Draconic Brood” members

Session 35: Skulking
Demented prisoner, Tirra

Session 36: The Corrupted Shrine
ghasts, spawn of Kyuss, Bozal Zahol (tiefling)

Session 37: Fiendish Chambers
Bozal Zahol (tiefling priest of Kyuss), spawn of Kyuss, salamander, Lahaka (zombie)

Session 38: Bodies

Session 39: Sunset, Sunrise
Drusfan and Pharbol of “Pitch Blade” (dwarf barbarians)

Session 40: Dead Truths
Lahaka, Okoral, Pharbol

Session 41: Semifinal
Pharbol, Madtooth the Hungry (froghemoth)

Session 42: The Apostle
Auric, Khellek, “The Fleshworks” (flesh golems), enhanced ulgurstasta

Chapter 5 Creatures

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