Mom Journal 2

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13 Planting, 595 CY (Afternoon/Evening)

We chose the up path and we all clymbed the chayne to a hallway.

Cornelius clymed the chayne then let down a rope to make it easier for us to clyme.

The Hallway haz a large fayse at the end, and the floor had sum skratches that culd be drag or push marks.

When we got to the haf way place, the fayse opend its mouth and windz caym out and pushed us down the hall.

Befor that, the iez wer showing colorz and it was important to wach them.

The wind pushed us bak to the edg, I gess that is wer the skratches cayme from. Cornelius kaut Liberty beecaz she was noked out and I kaut Xan befor he slid over the edg.

Then Kord let me heel everyone a litel bit and Liberty wok up but we all got down alryte.

Xan and Cornelius had a breef argyumint but we deesided to go down.

Wunce down, we wer ataked by bugs again, but with oil and spelz , and Cornelius punching one, we won the fyte although we wer wunded sum. Ther wer many smal wunz and a big wun that spit asid on us.

We found to bodees and they wer wering red lether armor with a 8 point star on it. We found sum monee and a “ring of fethar fall” that maks yu fall slow so yu do not get hurt. We mayd Liberty ware it.

The next room had a statyu of a larg man with a grate club and another larg bug. I hit it with a kleever and spel and Xan stabed it and Liberty killed it with a fyre spel.

I told them not to com in this room bekuz it mayd us tyred. Maybee we will chek it again, tomorow.

I wuz out of spelz from Kord for tooday.

The next room wuz larger and luked lyk a washing room with sigguts. In it ther wuz a kreetur that luked lyk a very thin human. It wanted to eet us so I ran at it with my sword and hit it whyl Xan ataked it from beehynd. Wen it hit me, I culd not moov for a whyl.

We found a ring with a 8 point star on the kreetur and it wuz worth 200 gold.

We also found a short sword that wuz very shinee and magikal.

We let Xan use it until we can fynd out what it dos.

Beekuz I waz out of spelz and so wuz Liberty, and we wer hurt, we did not explor the last door. We choze to sleep in the old mine ofise insted of going back to our homz.

When we got redy to sleep, Xan admitted that the other advetururz in town had a false map to an emptee tom.

We will go in again tomorow.

Mom Journal 2

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